About Us

Our Story

Nebraska Big Game Society (NBGS) is a non profit 501(C)(3)organization whose mission is to ensure the future of big game (Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Antelope, Mule and White Tail Deer) and their habitat in Nebraska. NBGS operates exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. NBGS engages in activities to:

  • Acquire habitat for big game conservation using partnerships.
  • Through partnerships, help conduct biological planning to guide the development and location of habitat and big game species conservation. Increase funding available to partners for habitat conservation projects.
  • Foster education that encourages adults and children to become active stewards of wildlife and their habitats
  • Promote positive management practices of Nebraska natural resources

NBGS was approved as an affiliate member of the Wild Sheep Foundation in 2015.

Board of Directors

Justin Hertzel – President
Jim King – Secretary
Craig D Hundt Sr. – Treasurer

Tam Allan
Steve Hornady                                                       

Yearly Spring Event

NBGS has a spring event every year in April to support big game programs in Nebraska.

NBGS donates all auction proceeds from this event to support big game conservation and management in Nebraska.

Annually NBGS holds a live auction for one Nebraska Resident Bull Elk permit. 100% of the proceeds from this auction item are donated to NGPC to support Elk related programs in Nebraska. The live auction is open to all residents of Nebraska.  You are welcome to contact NBGS about live or phone bidding for this auction. 




If you are passionate about our mission to support big game and wildlife conservation in Nebraska we’d like you to join our efforts. Your tax deductible annual membership of $1,000 will grant you the following membership benefits.

Membership Benefits:

  • NBGS is open to anyone wanting to be part of an organization developed to enhance conservation and further the growth of big game in Nebraska.
  • All donations and membership dues in NBGS  go towards conservation efforts in Nebraska.
  • The annual spring event is open to all groups and the general public. 

To begin serving Nebraska big game conservation today, click on the button below and complete the membership application.